How To Apply Magnetic Lashes With Magnetic Eyeliner



 In the world today, makeup has become almost a necessity for many people, and it is an amazing tool to help boost people’s confidence. For eye makeup, there are endless options including mascara, fake lashes, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and more. In this article today, we will be specifically talking about magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner, an amazing makeup innovation that can completely change your entire makeup look.


To begin, what are magnetic lashes? Put simply, they are basically fake lashes that are sandwiched between your natural lashes. There are magnetic strips that hold the lashes in place like glue would. Magnetic lashes are natural and quick and easy to apply. Without the use of glue, they are also much more hygienic and easy to use. But how do you apply magnetic lashes? 

Here are 6 easy steps to follow to help you apply your magnetic lashes and get the beautiful eyes you desire:


♡ To begin, first apply your eye shadow design and curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. This will ensure a solid base for the magnetic cosmetics to stick onto.

 If you would like to use mascara to add more thickness to your natural lashes, then do that right now as well. Note: Make sure you do not apply mascara to your magnetic lashes! Not only will that make the magnetic lashes look clumpy, but it may also destroy the product.

 Take your magnetic eyeliner and carefully apply it along your upper lash line from the inner eye corner to the outside. Apply the magnetic eyeliner as close to your lash line as you can so the false lashes will look more natural. Tip: You can use your other hand to turn your eyelid out slightly to make the process easier.

 Take a few minutes to let the magnetic eyeliner dry. Be patient and allow the eyeliner to completely dry before moving on. This can usually take one to two minutes. After a few minutes, you can also do a dry test to make sure the magnetic eyeliner is completely dried. You simply touch the eyeliner with your finger quickly and make sure that no residue smudges or comes off. Tip: Use the time waiting for your eyeliner to dry to complete your other makeup steps or finish getting ready!

 Now, you apply your magnetic lashes! If you are just getting started, this step may be a little hard. However, I promise it will get easier and easier as you continue using your magnetic lashes! First, take your magnetic lash and bend it slightly to create a rainbow shape. This will help create a natural curve and make it easier to apply the magnetic lash. There are 2 ways you can apply your magnetic lashes:

♡ Using a lash applicator: If you have a lash applicator, you can use it by placing your magnetic lashes onto the applicator. The top lash will go first, and the bottom lash will go on the bottom of the applicator. Then, bring the lash applicator close to your lash line. Make sure you are not blinking during this process. Then, just drop the lashes and the magnetic lashes will click together. This process is super easy, but make sure to bring the applicator as close to your lash line as possible! Note: Using a lash applicator will help place the magnetic lashes deeper in your natural lashes so they will look more natural.

♡ Using your fingers: If you don’t have a lash applicator, don’t worry! You can also easily apply the magnetic lashes with your fingers! First, place the top magnetic lashes on top of your natural lashes. Just like with the lash applicator, place the lashes as close to your lash line as possible! This is very important! The magnetic cosmetics should just click together easily. Then, repeat the same process with your bottom lashes and then with your other eye. Simple, right?

 When the day is finished and you are done with your magnetic cosmetics, be sure to carefully remove them and the rest of your makeup! Do take a look at the article that shows how to easily remove and clean your magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner.


Hopefully, this article has cleared up some of your questions or concerns about magnetic cosmetics. Magnetic cosmetics are the present and future of makeup, and now is the perfect time to hop onto the trend! Magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner are an amazing add-on to your makeup routine. They are cheaper than lash extensions, they can be used multiple times, they are easy to apply, they are more hygienic than other fake lashes that require glue, and they are absolutely gorgeous to use!


Use this article to help you get started in applying your magnetic eyeliner and magnetic lashes, and go get magnetic! Good luck!