How to apply


  1. Open Liquid Magnetic Liner and shake it a few seconds before each use to prevent eyeliner from drying up.
  2. Starting from the inner corner, trace a prominent  line with the magnetic liner  from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.  Make sure to apply liner as close to the natural lash line as possible. This is where the lashes will be placed so make sure the line is as thick as the magnetics. Wait 30 seconds and apply a second layer of magnetic liner. Make sure the line is prominent and thick as the magnetics. This will ensure your lashes magnetize. 
  3. Allow 2 to 3 minutes for eyeliner to dry. If you have  hooded eyes, close  your eyes for the line to dry up. Do the dry test by tapping your finger on the applied eyeliner. If there is no residue, this means the eyeliner is fully dried. 
  4. Gently take the magnetic lash out of the case and soften the lash band so it matches the curvature of your eyelid. To soften the band,  gently flex the lash band. 
  5. Next it's time to apply the lash. Using your finger or lash applicator;  apply the magnetic lashes to your lash line. Starting with the inner corners,  lightly pressing the lash along the lash line to secure the magnetic lashes in place. Pinch and press down near the roots of the lashes to set them. Adjust as necessary.