How to Pick the Best Lashes for Your Eye Shape

It’s no secret that false lashes are an easy, fast way to enhance your eye looks with luxuriously long strands full of volume. However, you may have noticed that different styles and shapes of lashes can affect the shape you perceive your eyes as and affect the balance of your facial features entirely. 

So, as you can probably imagine, it’s important that you’re selecting the correct shape to suit your own eyes. Thankfully, this isn’t too difficult, and it’s just about learning about your own eye shape, and how to choose your lashes accordingly. Read on to find out. 


Round eyes 

Those with round eyes tend to have large eyes, with a more open and symmetrical shape, where the centre is the tallest section of the eye. Because of this already full-looking lash line, it’s best to avoid lashes which are too dense or thick, and instead opt for wispy and dainty styles, including those with a cat-eye shape, as these will complement the round shape of your eye and help to elongate it. 

Almond eyes 

If you’ve got almond eyes, this is the universal eye shape when it comes to lashes and can be dressed in pretty much any shape you like. Although, if you’re looking for the most effective way to accentuate your features, makes use of your ability to create the perfect cat-eye with asymmetrical lashes, which are longer in the outer corners. 

Upturned eyes Much like almond eyes, those with upturned eyes are able to create an elongated cat-eye with little effort, as the shapes are very similar, with upturned eyes just slanting upwards a little more. Once again, find lashes which are winged to elongate the eye, or styles which are symmetrical and wispy. 

Downturned eyes

On the other hand, those with downturned eyes possess an entrancing shape that can be easily influenced and exaggerated by your lashes. So, look out for lashes which are light and either winged or symmetrical and ‘spiky’ in shape to avoid dragging the outer corners downwards. 

Hooded and small eyes 

Those with hooded eyes tend to notice their eyelid crease line is hidden when their eyes are open, and this is the classic tell-tale of this mysterious eye shape. When shopping for lashes, have a look for those which have combine both long and short hairs to add depth to the eyes, and try those which are longer in the centre but shorter on the outsides to create this illusion. 

Monolid eyes 

If you bear monolid eyes, luckily for you, you’ll be able to pull off any lash style and make it work for you. However, it’s usually best to steer away from anything too thick or dense, as this can weigh down the eye and doesn’t make the most flattering use of the space on the eyelid itself. Something lighter made with a criss-cross design will offer the same drama but without sacrifice.