How to Trim Magnetic Lashes

 Those who are familiar with false lashes in general will know that it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of situation, so adjustments and adaptations must be made to accommodate all eye shapes, sizes, and effects. More specifically, your lashes will need to be trimmed in order to fit your lash line as naturally and securely as possible.

If we need to trim down our regular lashes to fit our eyes, then it makes sense that we need to trim down our magnetic lashes, too. But it’s not always a good idea to do this without any experience or guidance, so read on to find out how to trim magnetic lashes without ruining them. 

Measuring the lashes 

Before you even begin to cut the lashes down, the most important step of all is measuring the band, and this is something you should perform as precisely as possible. When it comes to measuring the lash band, you do so against your own lash line directly, so it’s helpful to take a pair of tweezers or some lash applicators to give you a little more control. 

Start off with your new lash, and avoid applying any magnetic liner at the minute, if you are using this to apply the lashes. Instead, just hold the lash up to the eye as close as possible, keeping the lash band along the lash line. You want to mimic the real application as much as possible, so try to join the band and your lash line as closely as you can. 

Once here, take a look at the lash and adjust it so you’re happy with where the inner corner starts – make sure the lash doesn’t start right in the inner corner, as this can look too harsh. Then, observe where the outer corner of the lash comes to, and decide from here where you’d like to cut. 

Generally, you want to line up the end of the outer corner of your lash band as much as possible with the outer corner of your lash line, to achieve the most natural results. Once measured, remember where you’ve decided to trim the lash band to. 

Cutting the lashes 

When it comes to cutting magnetic lashes, it can be slightly more complicated than it is with regular stick-on falsies, as there are now magnets involved. For the lashes to work most effectively and stay on tightly to the outer and inner corners, you want the magnets to be right on the ends of the bands. 

When you’ve decided where to cut, take your scissors and get in there. It’s best to use smaller scissors, such as brow, nail or even lash scissors, to gain more control, and remember not to cut too much at once – you can always trim more if you like. 

You’re going to always trim from the outer corner, and you want to trim near the magnet, so it’s closer to the edge of the lash band. The closer it is, the more secure your outer corner will be. Repeat the measuring process and trim it until you’re happy, then apply!